Time of Compromising Egypt’s Potentials

Time of Compromising Egypt’s Potentials

Under the rule of a regime that only seeks securing its immediate and selfish interests, power, and survival, even at the expense of the Egyptian people, Egypt’s potentials are being waivered one after another.

Ethiopia is currently manipulating the Nile water which is considered the lifeblood of Egyptians. However, no occupation throughout history has ever attempted to tamper with Egypt’s Nile water rights as much as the current regime in Egypt has done since it legitimatized Ethiopia’s building of the renaissance dam by signing the Declaration of Principles in 2015; an act which is considered negligence, leniency and concession of the nation’s potentials, amounting to betrayal. In fact, this is not strange for a regime that has been killing and drying up all aspects of life in Egypt, including the deliberate taking of innocent lives and wasting of Egypt’s wealth, resources, and even territory.

We do not expect this regime to provide a solution to the catastrophe of water poverty that it has led Egypt to, given that it is preoccupied with mobilizing Egyptians behind it in an illusionary battle, to gain false support for facing an alleged national security threat in Libya while neglecting Egypt’s major issues that deeply affect the Egyptian national security.

In view of the crimes committed by this regime, its behavior vis-à-vis the disaster of the renaissance dam is seen by its supporters as negligence that has driven Egypt to a state of water poverty. As for those who are zealous for the nation’s capabilities, the regime’s behavior is seen as breach of trust; and accordingly, such regime is not expected to preserve the country’s potentials and interests.

The Egyptian National Action Group calls upon all the national forces and masses of the Egyptian people to seek finding a way out of this dark tunnel in which the Sisi regime has driven Egypt to, taking into account that we will never be able to do this except through immediately starting to work side by side to overthrow this regime; something that many Egyptians see as the only way out to save what has remained of Egypt’s land, people, Nile water, potentials and resources.

May God protect Egypt and its people…

Egyptian National Action Group

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