Army mutilates and burns a dead civilian in Sinai

ENAG Statement : Army mutilates and burns a dead civilian in Sinai 23-03-2020
The Egyptian National Action Group (ENAG) is outraged and disgusted by the
atrocious murder, mutilation and burning of an Egyptian civilian in Sinai by a
member of the Egyptian Military Battalion “103 Thunderbolt”.
The reason for his murder is unclear. The subsequent mutilation of his body by
way of cutting off body parts and burning of his remains is far beyond any
acceptable interpretation of the “rules of war”. We believe what has been
carried out is a war crime.
It is even more disgraceful that the Egyptian soldiers carrying out the atrocity
thought it was [Warning: graphic content from 10:00] appropriate to film their
actions as some sort of nightmarish memento.
Sadly, this is an all-too-common occurrence in Sinai. Many stories have been
heard about the Egyptian armies’ brutality in Sinai. This video is definitive proof
that the Egyptian army has lost any sense of respect or decency towards the
Egyptian people. They do not work to defend the people but rather treat
them as the enemy, with the support of their leader General Sisi.
For decent people, it is impossible to imagine how much worse the situation
could become in Sinai and indeed the rest of Egypt. It seems that the choice to
ignore the actions of Sisi and his military up to now have led to total
impunity. We should all feel ashamed that this is being allowed to go on in
Egypt. Those responsible must be brought to justice, there is no other option.
Sisi must hand this criminal to an international tribunal or be seen as a
partner in crime.
The Egyptian National Action Group
23 March 2020

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