(ENAG) Congratulate President-Elect Biden

On behalf of Egypt National Action Group (ENAG), we congratulate President-Elect Biden and his Elect Vice President Harris for their victorious winning of the American elections. Our people in the Arab region, and while they hope that this would be the right step into regaining the USA of its leading position supporting democracy all over the world, are looking for more wise policies from the new USA administration towards our region, and not hand support for the region’s autocratic regimes.

Our region should have deserved stability and development, and this can only take place with a strong civil society, freedom of speech and ability to practice politics.

We remind the President-Elect that the Egyptian regime has been imprisoning more than 60,000 political prisoners, who have been suffering the worst human rights conditions for years,; adding to that all the other routine practices of the regime that included execution of hundreds, extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearance of activists.

We call the new administration to raise all these files with the regime in Egypt, as this would be the real test of how serious the new American agenda is in supporting human rights, something that the President-Elect stressed many times during his campaign.

Dr. Ayamn Nour, former presidential candidate

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