• ENAG wants to become the definitive voice of opposition against Sisi’s regime.

ENAG members believe that when it comes to violating freedom of expression, denial of democracy, repressed human rights, nonsense economic and diplomatic policy, or waiving the nation’s sovereignty, the voices of democrats must unite to save the nation from implosion.

Since 2013 all elections have been rigged and expressing criticism against the regime is severely punished, therefore the opposition in Egypt today has no parliamentary representation. Since the coup in 2013, the majority of opposition voices who now find themselves in exile, have spoken publicly, however, they have only been representing themselves or their ideological camp in the eyes of the international public opinion.

But under a dictatorship, one’s political view whether it is leftist, liberal or conservative does not matter anymore. Democracy, freedom, equality, justice and human dignity are the only values that matter.

United we stand, divided we fall.

  • ENAG will ensure that Egypt will succeed in its transition to democracy.

ENAG members believe that old divisions among the opposition and a lack of preparation are key factors in explaining the political failure of the 2011 Revolution.

ENAG believes in unity among the democratic opposition to prepare for the post-Sisi period to ensure that full democratization becomes a reality. ENAG is developing ideas to address the biggest priorities in a post-Sisi period. This includes addressing the economic and financial crisis, limiting the role of the military, restructuring state institutions and designing a national reconciliation process.